Three Kings 2014 Three Kings 2014 Scrambling for Sweets.. the streets... 188220971 Sweetie Time The children scramble for the sweets being distributed in the square, by the kings and their helpers. 188220972 The Helpers Waiting in line to go onstage ready to assist in passing the gifts to the kings. 188220973 The Stage is Set Kings and helpers ready to give presents to all the children of the village. 188220974 An air of expectation Time for the gifts!!! Let the ceremony begin. 188220975 Present time!! The children are passed to the kings to receive their gifts 188220976 Not so happy!! A little boy looks somewhat apprehensive. The tears will soon disappear when he gets his gift. 188220977 Happy face Little girl looks delighted to receive a gift. 188220978 A word in your ear A few kind words from one of the kings as he presents a gift to a little girl. 188220979